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Using Emerade® Auto-Injector: Anaphylaxis Treatment

About Emerade® Auto-Injector

Unique Features:

The Emerade® Auto-Injector differs from other auto-injectors in the UK with a longer needle and multiple dose options, including 150, 300, and 500 micrograms.

Proper Usage of Emerade®

Comprehensive Instructions:

Follow these steps for the correct use of the Emerade® Auto-Injector:

  1. Read the clear and concise instructions provided on the auto-injector's side.
  2. Always refer to the instructions, even if you've used Emerade® before, as a reminder of the procedure.
  3. Remove the cap and firmly press the injector into your thigh, holding it in place for five seconds.
  4. Remove the injector and gently rub the injection site to facilitate rapid adrenaline absorption.
  5. Contact emergency services immediately and remain at your current location.

Meeting Recommended Adrenaline Dosage

Adherence to UK Resuscitation Guidelines:

The Emerade® Auto-Injector is designed to align with the advised adrenaline dosage outlined in the UK Resuscitation Guidelines.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended adrenaline dose falls within the range of 5-10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. Conventional 300 microgram auto-injectors may not meet these requirements for many adults.

Ensuring Proper Administration:

The longer needle of the Emerade® Auto-Injector aims to ensure that the injection reaches the muscle effectively, increasing the likelihood of successful adrenaline administration compared to other devices with shorter needles.