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Welcome to Anaphylaxis Awareness Course

Course Overview

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  • Explore the comprehensive course content divided into categories.
  • Access numerous instructional videos within each category.
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Course Structure

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Follow the course structure to cover the topics in the following order:

1. Understanding Anaphylaxis

  • Learn about the basics of anaphylaxis, living with it, allergic reactions, and how to activate Emergency Medical Services.

2. Auto-Injector Types and Management

  • Discover different auto-injector models such as Jext, EpiPen, and Emerade, along with storage and disposal guidelines.
  • Understand the prescription criteria for auto-injectors and learn safe storage and disposal practices.

3. Signs, Symptoms, and Anaphylaxis Treatment

  • Identify signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and learn about basic first aid recommendations.
  • Explore the role of schools, teachers, and giving a second dose of medications in anaphylaxis cases.
  • Understand biphasic anaphylactic responses.

4. Immunotherapy and Idiopathic Anaphylaxis

  • Gain insights into immunotherapy drugs and understand idiopathic anaphylaxis.

5. Auto-Injector Usage

  • Acquire essential knowledge and skills for using an auto-injector effectively.

Start your course journey and build a strong foundation in anaphylaxis awareness.