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Guidance on Anaphylaxis Care and Treatment

Importance of Seeking Additional Guidance

No course can cover all aspects of anaphylaxis care. Seek advice from various sources:

  • Workplace Policies: Understand and apply specific workplace policies and procedures.
  • Consult Managers and Medical Professionals: Seek guidance from managers and experienced medical professionals.
  • Anaphylaxis Specialists: Tap into the expertise of anaphylaxis specialists who can discuss complex cases.
  • UK Resuscitation Council: Access the latest guidelines and resources on anaphylaxis care from their website.
  • Drug Companies: Utilise drug company resources, including fact sheets and training materials, for comprehensive information.
  • Anaphylaxis Charities: Seek support and resources from organisations dedicated to anaphylaxis care.
  • Parents and Patients: Gather insights from parents of children with anaphylaxis and directly from patients to enhance personalised care.

Accessing Additional Resources

Explore the following resources to expand your knowledge and support:

  • Student Download Section: Find links to valuable resources, including the UK Resuscitation Council guidelines.
  • Drug Websites: Visit pharmaceutical websites for detailed information on medications and healthcare resources.
  • Charity Links: Access links to charities specialising in anaphylaxis care for additional support.

Enhance your understanding of anaphylaxis care by leveraging diverse sources of information and expertise.