Storage of auto injectors - Pharmacist comments

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Auto-Injectors: Usage, Storage, and Guidelines

Understanding Auto-Injectors

Accessible Self-Administration:

Auto-injectors are user-friendly devices designed for self-administration of injectable medications, eliminating the need for professional medical skills.

Dosage Convenience:

These pen-like devices deliver precise unit doses of medication, ensuring accurate treatment.

Storage Requirements

Preserving Original Packaging:

Auto-injectors must remain stored within their original packaging to maintain safety and functionality.

Strict Container Adherence:

Never remove them from their containers and store them separately. Keep them in the provided packaging at all times.

Temperature Guidelines:

Adhere to the provided temperature storage instructions carefully to ensure medication efficacy.

General Carriage Guidelines


Auto-injectors are highly portable and can be carried with you wherever you go.

Important Warnings

Avoid Extremes:

Do not leave them exposed to extreme conditions, such as on your car's windshield or in the refrigerator near your food.

Original Container:

Always carry your auto-injectors in their original containers provided by the supplier.

Follow these guidelines diligently to ensure the proper usage, storage, and safety of your auto-injectors.