Healthcare Anaphylaxis Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

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Understand more about Anaphylactic Attacks, how to recognise them and what to do in a healthcare setting.

Course Introduction and Anaphylaxis

In the introduction section, we look at how the course works then you will learn what anaphylaxis is and how to live with it. We then look at minor allergic reactions, idiopathic anaphylaxis and how you activate the Emergency Medical Services in the case of a patient in Anaphylactic Shock.

Auto Injector Types, Storage and Disposal

The Emergency treatment for an anaphylactic reaction is the use of an auto-injector which is a pre-filled syringe. In this section, we look at the main types of auto-injector available which are Epi-Pen, Jext and Emerade and how to use them. We also have a close look at how auto-injectors deliver the drug. Then we look at storage and checking that they are ready for use.

Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Anaphylaxis affects people of all ages and at the start of the course we first introduce how the course works then look at what anaphylaxis is and what living with it is like. Then we look at the difference with minor allergic reactions which can affect most people and what causes them. We then look at how to activate the emergency medical services which is vital with an anaphylactic reaction.

Healthcare Anaphylaxis

in this section, we look at Anaphylaxis for the healthcare professional starting with the ABCDE approach to patient care. We then look at why is there different advice for healthcare professionals and patient advice. It is often necessary to give a second dose and this is covered in more details. Then we look at the needle sizes needed when not using an auto-injector and giving medication in a hospital environment. How much Adrenaline should be given is covered as well as the use of Oxygen and anaphylaxis.


In the final section, we look at practice and keeping your skills and knowledge of anaphylaxis up to date. Then we look at where you can get more help and advice and more information can be found in the student resources section. Then we summarise the course and explain how to take the test.

Course Details

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1 hour and 15 minutes




Keith Sleightholm



Healthcare Anaphylaxis Level 2 (VTQ) at a Glance

  • Learn about Anaphylaxis and the triggers to a reaction and the extra subjects required for Healthcare Professionals
  • Be prepared to respond to Anaphylactic emergencies
  • Know how to use the EpiPen2, Jext and Emerade Auto-injectors
  • Follows the UK and European Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • Meet your compliance in knowing how to deal with an Anaphylactic emergency
  • Available as video online, virtual, blended or face to face nationwide at your workplace
  • This qualification and most of the other ProTrainings qualifications are Endorsed by TQUK

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