Allergic reactions can be deadly. Learn how to respond so you're prepared when it matters.

Allergic reactions can be deadly. Learn how to respond so you're prepared when it matters.

Allergic reactions can be deadly. Be prepared when it matters.

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About the Anaphylaxis Awareness Training

Auto injectors

Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition that affects an increasing number of children and adults. The symptoms of Anaphylaxis can occur within seconds or minutes of a sufferer's exposure to the food or substance that they are allergic to. Prompt, appropriate action and care is essential.

Our video-based online course covers the problems of Anaphylaxis, triggers, different treatment methods and patient care. This course is ideal for parents of children with Anaphylaxis, individuals with Anaphylaxis and those who work with, look after or may come into contact with people with this condition.

This course covers all main types of auto injector, including EpiPen, Jext and Anapen.

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“A helpful course for any first aider or person needing to assist someone they know who suffers from anaphylaxis”

- Sylvia
  • 5.0

“Very detailed training. Delivered in away that is memorable. All useful information”

- Attracta, Foot Health Practitioner
  • 5.0

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